Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Get Media Mention Major Media Placement Program Presentation Video (WATCH NOW)

Watch the Presentation Video Below to Learn More about How the Program Works Right NOW!

                                   How Long Are the Citations Up For?

The citations normally stay up on the  designated websites for  30 days and then after that point they are  generally archived. You are provided links to the  actual pages and  links to archived versions as well in case you ever need to verify them  after the initial 30 days and the original links aren't working.

What's the Point of Getting the Citations?

The citations work mainly as a tool  to allow the person to use these major media logos legally and say "As Seen on" ABC, CBS, and more. These logos can be used for promotion on business cards,websites,social media, etc. This helps build instant trust, credibility and  authority for you in your field. It has been proven that people  buy from people they trust.

The Bottomline. What's the Cost?

The cost of getting citations on all 4 major media websites  and everything esle included  is $997  LIMITED TIME ONLY  payable through Paypal.  
Once payment is received the  citations are  submitted for inclusion. Once  citations are  submitted ,which is done simultaneously, then there is no way to  reverse the process. 

If you are interested in getting your major media citation and want more details on how to start then send an email to

Marvin Williams

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