How 1 Website Tweak Can Increase Your Google Rankings for More Free Business Leads Starting NOW

How would you like to grab more  leads for your business on autopilot with 1  website tweak this week?

No matter how good things are going  every business can  always benefit from  more leads and more money.

Here in this article, I am going to  tell you a simple practice that  anyone and any business type can put into use if you own a business website online. This doesn't matter if you a doctor, lawyer, massage therapist, contractor or any  other  profession with  a website made to  generate leads and sales.

The Power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You may  have  heard of  SEO or  search  engine optimization and have  hired someone to  manage it on your website for you  or did it yourself.

You could also be someone who has never even heard of  search engine optimization and it sounds very confusing to you.

All you  really  need to know is  search  engine optimization is simply a way for your website  to look appealing to the hot  search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When you do search engine optimization then you get better rankings on  these  search engines which translate to  more  exposure, leads and sales for you.

Now there are a ton of things you can do to  improve your  website  right away to  benefit from the major search engine results but I am going to let you in a secret.

The Secret SEO Trick Revealed! (That no one is talking about)

There is a new technique or trend in town that can do wonders for your business website and can boost your rankings, double or even triple your exposure and  make your business stick out from the rest on Google almost instantly.

It is called a schema markup.

What the heck is a schema markup?!

This is simply "structured data" that  Google and other search engines  pull from your website and display in their search results.

There are several different kinds  of schema markups, but the one I am referring to is located on the  right hand side of their search results ,generally, when people are  doing searches for terms relating to your business.  You can see an example below.

You don't have to pay Google to display this. You just have to have the schema embedded on your website.You can do this by composing a code and  placing it in your website's html code.

What can a schema markup do for your business?

Once  Google and others  know you have a schema installed on your website it will be displayed when people search  certain terms that relate to your service.

So for instance, if someone is  searching for "tennis lessons in houston tx" and you run a tennis instruction business then your  business would not only just show up on the regular search results but could also show up on the  right side of the  results as well. This would include pictures of your business, your business location/address, any customer reviews if available,business phone number,business hours,social media accounts, etc. when  done correctly.

Now if you were a person looking for a  tennis instructor and you  saw a business listed in the search results and showing up on the  right side of the results with a big display you would be  twice or even triple more likely to choose that business over any other due to their prominence on search results screen.

Easy & Effective One Time SEO Website Tweak
(pays you again and again with unlimited TARGETED leads)

This is basically like having a free ad on Google which is the most popular search  engine on the planet. All this FREE exposure for a one time website tweak.

This also means Google can give priority to your website when  displaying similar search results as well. This means better overall rankings and attention for your business webpages.

Let's face it when more targeted prospects are able to see your business, then that's more leads pointed your way and you didn't even have to advertise to get them. So the profit margin can be pretty high once a lead converts to sale by simply seeing your website's schema on Google.


Your schema markup will also show up on mobile devices when people are  doing a local search for  businesses like yours.If your schema looks better or tells more information than your competitors ,then you have an easy lead generator on autopilot for your business on a daily basis.

We all know how  people love to be  on their phones andget  help from it regularly when  making  buying decisions day in and day out.This is right where you want to be in front of your prospects eyes.

Commonly Asked Questions 

It looks like I already have one but didn't do it or  don't remember? how did this happen?

So you went to Google and typed in your business only to realize you  already have a schema displaying in the search engine results. This is GREAT!

But there can still be an issue. Sometimes Google will make up a schema for your website if it thinks it is necessary. This can display some of your business information but maybe not all of it.

You should fix this right away! You want to have control over how your business is being displayed online and  don't want to rely solely on Google or any  search engine to throw together some  details and display them haphazardly.

I recommend you create a schema for your website immediately and then ping your website once it has been installed to notify the  search engines that it is up and ready. It should display  within a few days to a few weeks if not sooner.

Will Google display my website schema EVERYTIME  someone does a search for my  business  or searches  business related  terms?

A lot of the times yes it will show your schema if you have it  properly  installed on your website. If it is new, then it can take anywhere from a few days to  a few weeks to show it.

Whatesle does schema markups work on?

Local Businesses (site wide)

Product pages (specific pages)

Organization websites (site wide)

Blog Articles (for specific pages)

Videos (specific page)

You can use schema markups on all of the above  type situations and  benefit from higher  rankings and  exposure for your  content and business in only a couple of days from now!

How in the world does a person get a schema markup made for their website to start getting more  exposure and leads for their business from here out?

You can do a search on a Google for "how to create a  schema for my website or business" and this will display several "how to" tutorials. If you are good with website coding it may only take you a few hours, but if your not then it could be much longer. Also there are  several different  types of  schemas out so you have to make sure you are creating the right one for your business or it may not  show up correctly on Google at all.

If you would simply like to have one done for you with no work needed on your part you can contact me, Marvin Williams at
or  dial 9794029952 to reach me

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